What Is The Important Goal?

The goal is to make this page the best collection of educational information and anything else to help people get started with their careers.

When Did This Start?

The development of the site started around DECEMBER 2022 and it officially launched on the 1st MAY 2022.

What Is The Motivation?

It is is simple:

One who knows and knows that he knows… This is a man of knowledge; get to know him!

One who knows, but doesn’t know that he knows… This is a man who’s unaware, so bring it to his attention.

One who doesn’t know, but knows that he doesn’t know… This is an illiterate man; teach him!

Let’s help each other…

Why Use The Phrase “https://jobsinfor.co.za”?

Me and my friends , many years ago during my undergraduate years, used to forward emails to each other about the latest bursaries, jobs, and other things. The idea was to “take” what is applicable to you and “share” afterward. So, this site was started with that tradition and spirit at heart. So, if there is something you can “use” from the site then good for you but try to “share” with others as well. Especially those who still do not know their way around the internet. https://jobsinfor.co.za/