SALARY : R382 245 per annum (Level 9)
CENTRE : Pietermaritzburg

REQUIREMENTS : National Diploma in Human Resources Management / Public Management /
Administration / Public Administration. three years’ ride at supervisory degree in Human Resources Management. Good understanding of Labour Relations Act. Knowledge of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Knowledge of Human Resource Policies and Procedures. Understanding of recruitment and decision processes. Knowledge of Performance Management Systems (PPMS). Computer Literacy. Good interpersonal skills. Good written and verbal conversation skills. Problem Solving and Decision-Making skills. Dispute and Conflict administration skills. Time Management skills. Computer software program skills. Project Management skills. Planning skills. Drivers License.

DUTIES : Manage Human Capital. Monitor turnaround instances of shooting of applications.
Oversee compilation of recruitment plan. Manage recruitment and determination process. Verify compiled data and hold establishment. Update workplace Employment Equity layout and affirm EE stats. Manage labour family members matters. Facilitate/Conduct preliminary investigations and put into effect recommendations. Promote sound labour relations. Facilitate disciplinary hearings, conciliations, and arbitrations. Facilitate the issuing of misconduct / complaint / dispute effects and coordinate appeals. Provide recommendation on labour members of the family matters. Update data and submit. Manage Service Benefits. Oversee the drafting and implementation of workplace depart diagram and take corrective measures. Oversee recording of leave, go away audit, analyse trends, and take remedial action. Monitor go away register, analyse developments and submit report. Manage housing / condo benefits, authorize transactions, and screen registers. Manage termination of service. Facilitate Employee Wellness method and programs. Manage administration of bursaries. Manage information and registry. Manage registry offerings and make sure compliance. Manage documents administration and make certain compliance. Verify the disposal memorandum and facilitate disposal of records. Manage worker Performance and development. Verify workplace EPMDS implementation plan, display compliance, and publish report. Monitor excellent assurance on PAs, midterm, and annual reviews, and grant report. Verify and reveal implementation of coaching plan. Manage MC processes. Verify MC precis reviews and assemble MC memorandum for approval. Manage probation reports. Facilitate inputs for the reviewing of regular overall performance agreements.

ENQUIRIES : Ms Z Mthembu Tel: (033) 355 6812
APPLICATIONS : Please make sure that you ship your software to Private Bag x9028,
Pietermaritzburg, 3200 or Hand supply it to the Office of the Registrar of Deeds:
Pietermaritzburg at 300 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg,3201 earlier than the
closing date as no late functions will be considered.
NOTE : Coloured, Indian and White adult males and Coloured, Indian and White females
and Persons with disabilities are prompted to practice

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