SALARY : R382 245 per annum
CENTRE : National Head Office: Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : National diploma or diploma in Supply Chain Management/ Purchasing
Management/ Procurement or equal qualification. 3-5 years’ ride won at supervisory level. Computer literate. Valid driver’s licence. Competencies and Attributes: Labour law committed, ethical, initiative. Supply chain manuals- procurement, PASM chapter 12,14,15. PFMA chapter\ 5. PASM chapter 15, \BAS manual, GRAP. White paper on corrections (applicable sections). DSC strategic sketch (applicable sections). Managing interpersonal war and resolving problems. Ability to get right of entry to and make use of information. Project management. Analytical thinking, liaison, monitoring and advisory skills.

DUTIES : Responsibilities: Manage or manipulate proactive steps to forestall losses. Manage
or manipulate of firearms report. Manage or manage the enforcing of introduced delegated powers. Manage/ manipulate selections which have been taken on logistical work sessions. Support the method and improvement of grant administration system. Assist with the components of improvement of preservation of and recommendation on coverage and processes with loss control management, and lookup of nice technology. Monitor and consider loss manipulate assessment of property taking reports. Control and administering the announcement of delegated powers. Provide needs-based facts and aid to management. Assist and furnish logistical records and recommendation to the Director: Logistics. Assist with alignment of departmental policies. Assist managers on the dealing with of losses. Handling of monitoring visits. Responsible for the submission of the reviews pertaining to losses to the Director: Logistics. Management of resources.

ENQUIRIES : Mr Mokotjo TN Tel No: 012 307 2039/ Mr Y Naidoo 012 307 2079/ Ms TP Baloyi
012 305 8589 or Ms Khumalo NS 012 307 2174.
NOTE : Appointment below the Public Service Act.

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