SALARY: R1 269 951 per year, (all inclusive remuneration package). The package includes a base salary (70% of the package), a State contribution to the Government Employees Pension Fund (13% of the base salary) and a flexible part of 30% that may be structured under the terms of the applicable regulations. The successful candidate will be required to enter into a performance agreement within three months of taking office.
CENTER: Public Service Commission House, Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS: Ideal Candidate Profile: An experienced individual with an appropriate recognized Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification (New NQF Level 7) in Public Administration/Social Sciences or related fields. Extra advantage: NQF Level 8 and above – postgraduate qualification with coursework relevant to the area of ​​public administration/social sciences, and other related areas. 5 years of experience at Senior Management level in the fields of providing support to Executive Support, Stakeholder Relations, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting and Risk Management. Proven experience in applied monitoring and evaluation. Experience in project management. Organizational skills. Report writing skills. Proven experience and knowledge in handling administrative and ethical practices, corporate governance and financial management. Sufficient computer skills and experience with the Microsoft Office Suite, e.g. Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Strategic understanding and knowledge of the application of Constitutional Values ​​and Principles (CVP) as contained in Section 195. An understanding of how current public administration management and operational processes meet, or fail to meet, the CVPs. A valid driver’s license (except for disabled applicants).

RESPONSIBILITIES: Support the Director General to ensure that administrative support is provided, including secretarial, liaison and logistical support for the effective operation of the Public Service Commission. Oversee strategic and operational planning and reporting on institutional performance. Supervise the parliamentary liaison and related structures and International Relations. Provide risk and fraud management. Coordinate the work of the Provincial Offices. Manage human and financial resources within the General Directorate.

INQUIRIES: Ms. Dianne Micheal Tel No: (012) 352 1241

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