SALARY: R1 269 951 per year, (salary package all included). The remuneration package includes a base salary (70% of the package), a State contribution to the Government Employees Pension Fund (13% of the base salary) and a flexible portion that can be structured according to the personal needs of each individual.
CENTER : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS: An undergraduate qualification in Public Management or relevant qualification in NQF 7 within related field recognized by SAQA. Five (5) years of experience at a senior management level within the relevant field. Extensive experience in business management and administrative procedures. Knowledge of coordination and strategic planning. Knowledge and understanding of Public Service administration and Departmental procedures. Strategic capacity and leadership; management and empowerment of people. Understanding of the hierarchy and management structure of the department. Knowledge in policy development and business process management. Understanding of change management and financial management. Program and project management skills. Ability to lead a multidisciplinary team. Knowledge of research methodologies and research presentation.
Strong organizational, planning and communication skills, analytical, innovative, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Ability to work under pressure and long hours. Proof of having completed the Senior Management Pre-Entry Program endorsed by the National School of Government (NSG).

RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide general leadership ensuring strategic management and coordination, as well as the successful operation of the General Directorate. Oversee and manage the provision of strategic support to the office of the Director General. Oversee and manage the provision of executive support and
secretarial services for management and intergovernmental meetings. Ensure the development of efficient and aligned policies for the issues and projects in the Department. Manage and deliver content for executive engagements on the Cabinet processes to ensure efficiency in high-level government commitments and decision-making processes. Oversee the provision of annual and strategic performance planning support to the Public Entities of the Department Ensure submission and compliance with corporate governance requirements by Public Entities and manage government projects and related projects commitments assumed with Public Entities.

INQUIRIES: Mr. Gerald Ntshane Tel No: 012 399 8628
CLOSING DATE: July 11, 2022

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