CLINICAL NURSE Ref No: Sahelim 03/2022

SALARY : Grade 1: R388 974 per annum
Grade 2: R478 404 per year
Other Benefits: Check 13, Rural Allowance 12%, Owners Allowance
(The employee must meet the prescribed requirements), medical aid (optional)
Centre: St Andrews Hospital: Elim Clinic

REQUIREMENTS: Senior Certificate. Degree/Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery plus 1
Year after basic qualification in primary health care. Registration with SANC as a General Nurse, Midwifery and Primary Health Care Nurse. Grade 1: Experience: A minimum of 4 years appropriate/ recognizable experience in nursing prior registration as a nursing professional in the SANC in general nursing.
Grade 2: Experience: A minimum of 14 years appropriate/recognizable experience in nursing after registration as a Professional Nurse with SANC in general nursing, of which at least 10 years must be appropriate / recognizable experience after obtaining the one year post basic qualification in Primary
Health care. Skills: Knowledge of nursing care and processes and procedures, Basic knowledge of public service rules, disciplinary code, human rights resource policies, generic hospital policies and specific policies. Leadership, supervisory skills and good communication, team building and multiculturalism

DUTIES : To provide nursing care that leads to improved health service delivery by maintaining the principles of Batho Pele. To execute duties and functions with proficiency and perform duties according to the scope of practice. assuring supervision and provision of basic needs of patients viz. oxygen supply,
nutrition, elimination, fluid and electrolyte balance and a safe and therapeutic way ambient. Implement infection control standards and practices to improve quality nursing care. Ensuring proper implementation of the national core Standards, quality and clinical audits. Improve staff knowledge and
patients through health education and continuing education. Implement standards, practice criteria for nursing quality. Keep up a constructive job relationship with nursing and other stakeholders. Guarantee of clinical interventions to clients, including dispensing prescription drugs and performing ongoing
observation of patients. Monitoring of patient reports, intervention and Maintaining a good valid record in all client interventions. Securing properly use of human, material and financial resources and keeping up to date resource records.
INQUIRIES: Mrs. VV Ncume Tel No: 039-4331955 EXT 259
APPLICATIONS: Should be forwarded: The Chief Executive Officer. san andreas hospital,
Private Bag x1010 Harding, 4680 or hand delivery: 14 Moodie Street, Harding
FOR ATTENTION: Human Resource Manager
NOTE : Applicants are not required to submit copies of qualifications and other relevant documents in the application, but you must submit the z83 and the detailed study plan Life. Applications sent by fax or email will not be accepted. people with disabilities should feel free to apply for the position. Appointments are subject to the positive results obtained from the State Security Agency (SSA) to the
following controls (security clearance (veting), criminal clearance, records, citizenship), verification of Educational Qualifications by SAQA, verification of the previous experience of the Employers and verification of the Corporate Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). Applicants are respectfully
informed that, if no notification of appointment is received within 3 months after the closing date, they must accept that their applications were unsuccessful. Applicants in possession of a foreign degree must attach an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) to your
applications Non-RSA Citizens/ Permanent Residents/ Work Permit Holders must submit documentary proof together with their applications. All the employees in the Public Service who are currently at the same salary level but in a notch/package above the advertised post are free to apply.
CLOSING DATE: July 01, 2022

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