SALARY: R744,255 per year (an all-inclusive annual remuneration package)
CENTER : Cape Town

REQUIREMENTS Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma (NQF6) in Maritime Studies/Public Administration or relevant qualification. 3-5 years of experience in port management and administration, of which three (3) of them must be at entry/junior management level (Assistant Manager Level or equivalent). Knowledge and understanding of port regulations and Marine Living Resources Law. Knowledge of the principles of project planning and management. Extensive administration experience. Ability to develop and apply policies, guidelines and programs. Ability to lead, plan and implement monitoring and surveillance programs. Good interpersonal relationship skills. Ability to work under extreme pressure and manage and resolve conflicts. Skills: Good communication skills.

DUTIES: Guarantee general support for the daily operational management of the proclaimed fishing ports. Develop policies and systems for effective port management. Develop and implement management tools such as standard operating procedures (SOPs) for regulated port functions. Manage the acquisition and distribution of assets and consumables for the fishing ports and allocate the budget efficiently. Prepare presentations and reports as appropriate. Draft and manage contracts for service providers such as Transnet, etc. Manage maintenance and minor repairs on all port infrastructure. Acquire and manage a comprehensive and comprehensive inventory of all port equipment as well as port infrastructure i.e. (docks, fenders, slipways) in proclaimed fishing ports. Negotiate comprehensive reparation and
maintenance program with the National Directorate of Public Works and infrastructure regarding the complete and total port infrastructure in all listed fishing ports. Provide an integrated platform for the development and transformation of fisheries. Improve communication with all relevant stakeholders through appropriate structures such as Port User Committees. Participate in activities that promote the Economy of the Oceans such as Operation Phakisa or any other similar initiative.

INQUIRIES: Mr. L. Williams Tel No: (082) 806 3806 / Mr. B.P. Semoli phone number: (082) 457 0477
CLOSING DATE: June 27, 2022

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