SALARY : R107 196 per annum, (plus 37% in lieu of provider benefits)
CENTRE : Witzenberg Sub-district (X1 Post)
Breede Valley Sub-district (X1 Post)
Drakenstein Sub-district (X1 post)
Stellenbosch Sub-district (X1 Post)
Langeberg Sub-district (X1 Post)

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum requirement: Basic and numeracy and literacy skills. Experience: Appropriate journey in transportation of personnel and goods. Inherent necessities of the job: Valid code (EB) (Code 8) driver’s license. Valid Public Driving Permit (PDP). Willingness to work time beyond regulation Physically healthy to carry and load heavy items. Competencies Knowledge/skills: Ability to talk in at least two of the three professional languages of the Western Cape. Knowledge of routine, maintenance, Inspections for defects on motors and protected using skills. Ability to receive accountability and accountability and to work independently. Knowledge of Transport Circular four of 2000.

DUTIES : Daily transporting of reliable passengers, post, packages, medication, goods, and equipment. Ensure correct completion of logbooks. Deliver and accumulate blood merchandise from Worcester Blood Services (Reliever). Conduct movements maintenance, cleansing of Government automobiles and habits movements inspection of automobiles and document defects. Perform hobbies administrative responsibilities when required and reply to emergencies when necessary. Relief personnel inside the factor when required and render assist to supervisor.

ENQUIRIES : Witzenberg Sub district – Ms A Pietersen Tel No: (023) 316-9601
Breede Valley Sub-district – Ms L Jendrissek Tel No: (023) 348-1397
Drakenstein Sub-district – Ms AJ Cupido-Jacobs Tel No: (021) 877-6441
Stellenbosch Sub-district – Mr C Modise Tel No: (021) 808-6178
Langeberg Sub-district – Ms E Volschenk Tel No: (023) 626-857
APPLICATIONS : Witzenberg Sub-district: Please publish your applications: for the attention of Mr. W Owen, Through The Medical Manager, Ceres Hospital, Private Bag X54, Ceres, 6835. Breede Valley Sub-district: Please put up your applications: for the attention of Ms JB Salie, Through The Director, Cape Winelands District Office, Private Bag X3079, Worcester, 6849. Drakenstein Sub-district: Please post your applications: for the attention of Ms J Cecils, Through The Primary Health Care Manager, Drakenstein Subdistrict, Private Bag X3043, Paarl, 7620. Stellenbosch Sub-district: Please post your applications: for the attention of Mr L Cornelius, Through The Medical Manager, Stellenbosch Sub-District,
Private Bag X5027, Stellenbosch, 7599. Langeberg Sub-district: Please publish your applications: for the interest of Ms T Padiachy, Through The Medical Manager, Langeberg Sub-District,
Private Bag X617 Robertson 6705.

NOTE : No charge of any sort is required when making use of for this post.