SALARY : R170 955 – R195 465 per annum (OSD)
CENTRE : Joe Gqabi District, Mt Fletcher Forensic Pathology Services

REQUIREMENTS : Senior Certificate or equal qualification with splendid Forensic (Medico Legal) laboratory experience. Computer Literacy. Preparedness to work standby responsibilities (after hours), work shifts and put on uniform. Valid driver’s licence (Code 8) and preparedness to pressure huge distance (day/night). Commitment to Batho Pele Principles. Ability to carry and work with corpses at a number of degrees of publish mortem preservation. Ability to interpret and practice insurance policies with regard to Forensic Pathology Services. Ability to reap and maintain true interpersonal and working family members with team of workers and stakeholders. Willingness to be skilled in pictures skills. Willingness to aid in different Forensic Pathology Laboratories inside the Province of the Eastern Cape when such help is deemed splendid by means of the Eastern Cape Department of Health. Problem fixing and analysis, group work, patron focal point and responsiveness, technical file writing.

DUTIES : Render an environment friendly help provider to the Mortuary and or Facility Manager
with regard to the operational administration of the Forensic Pathology Mortuary. Effective and environment friendly recovery, storage and processing of bodies, inclusive of the bodily collection, technique of our bodies and secure preserving of corpses file evidence, information, reveals and property from incidents scenes. Assist in rendering an high-quality and environment friendly forensic post-mortem technique in accordance with set requirements and hints by means of helping the Forensic Pathologist/Medical Officer in autopsies, inclusive of evisceration and subsequent suturing of the corpse. Assist in the registration of corpses admitted to the Forensic Pathology Mortuary, as nicely as their subsequent identification and launch to the relatives/private funeral parlours. Assist families of the deceased in the identification of their cherished one, as properly as whole the applicable documentation. Control reviews and specimens all through and after the forensic mortuary procedure inclusive of completion and administration of statements and documentation. Maintenance of mortuary hygiene. Ensure cleanliness of dissection area. Ensure ideal waste and laundry managements in accordance to Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

ENQUIRIES : Ms F Mkhize Tel no forty seven 531 0081

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