SALARY: R744 255 per year (Level 11), (all inclusive package)
CENTER Northern Cape Region, Kimberley

REQUIREMENTS National Diploma in Occupational Hygiene/Environmental Health/Environmental Management (NQF level 6) PLUS Certificate in Mining Environmental Control, along with 3 years of experience in occupational hygiene. Driver’s license. Knowledge of: Knowledge of the Mining Health and Safety Law and Regulations and Legal Procedures. Identification of hazards and risks management. Civil Service Personnel Code. AMD policies. Skills: Ability to interpret and apply the Mining Health and Safety Law. DMRE Policy and personnel codes. Management, planning, leadership, organization and control skills. Drafting and formulation of reports. Good international relations. Be able to recommend mining occupational hygiene solution. Negotiation skills. Language proficiency Computer skills, thinking demand: innovative thinker. Analyze situations carefully, make fair and reasonable decisions. Receptive to suggestions and ideas. Being able to remain calm and collective during difficult situations.

DUTIES: Conduct and report on underground, pit, and surface audits and inspections on matters related to occupational hygiene exposures, stressors, and other mine occupational hygiene related matters and take necessary enforcement actions when necessary. Investigate and report on mine-related accidents, violations and complaints, as well as mine analysis. accidents and trends to determine high-risk mining operations and take appropriate action. Serve on any necessary board of examiners. Investigate, consult and provide information on mine closures, prospecting rights, mining rights and permits, EMPs and development of municipalities. Provide input reports, review of machinery regulations, guidelines and standards and application of exemptions, permits and approvals related to occupational hygiene.

INQUIRIES: Mr. T Mateta Tel No: 079 983 2024

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