SAB Quality Assurance Trainee Programme 2024

SAB Quality Assurance Trainee Programme 2024

Table of Contents

  • South African Breweries: Quality Assurance Trainee Programme 2024
  • Why Choose AB InBev Africa?
  • About the QA Trainee Programme
  • Job Purpose and Responsibilities
  • Minimum Requirements
  • Key Skills and Competencies

South African Breweries: Quality Assurance Trainee Programme 2024


South African Breweries (SAB) AB InBev is offering a Quality Assurance Trainee Programme for 2024. This programme provides a unique opportunity for individuals to develop their skills and build a career in quality assurance within the brewing industry. The QA trainees will be based in Mogale City, Gauteng, South Africa, and will engage in an 18 to 24-month structured learning experience.

Why Choose AB InBev Africa?

AB InBev Africa is dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation. The QA Trainee Programme is designed to provide the necessary resources and opportunities for trainees to unlock their full potential. The focus on continuous learning and development ensures that every team member can grow and thrive.

About the QA Trainee Programme

The programme spans 18 to 24 months and aims to equip trainees with comprehensive QA skills and a deep understanding of SAB’s operational philosophies. This structured learning experience prepares individuals for immediate responsibility upon completion, making them valuable assets to the organization.

Job Purpose and Responsibilities

As a QA Trainee, your primary responsibility will be to assess and make informed decisions regarding governance systems, review system designs, and ensure sustainability while mitigating product and package risks. Key responsibilities include:

  • Understanding Quality Assurance principles
  • Applying QA expertise within specific functional areas
  • Utilizing innovative problem-solving skills to design new processes and systems
  • Effectively communicating practices and solutions to the team
  • Actively participating in QA team structures and collaborating with other brewery disciplines
  • Diagnosing and addressing systemic and situational issues
  • Maintaining a positive thinking orientation to tackle challenges effectively

Minimum Requirements

To be eligible for the QA Trainee Programme, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Education: A B. Tech or BSc in a relevant field of study
  • Experience: A minimum of 2 years of quality control-related experience in a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) environment is advantageous

Key Skills and Competencies

The ideal candidate should possess a range of skills and competencies, including:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Excellent self-management practices
  • Energetic, committed, and proactive attitude
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Proactive, self-sufficient, conscientious, motivated, tenacious, and resilient nature
  • High stress tolerance
  • Willingness to relocate to any brewery within the zone upon completion of the traineeship

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply through the following link: Apply Here

Joining the SAB Quality Assurance Trainee Programme is an excellent opportunity for those passionate about quality assurance in the brewing industry. This programme not only equips you with essential skills and knowledge but also provides a platform for growth and success in a dynamic environment.

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