SALARY: R997,764 per year (full cost package) to R1,559,616 per year (full cost
package) (Level CM-1)
CENTER: Headquarters: Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS: LLB or any appropriate legal qualification to serve prosecutors. At least eight years of post-qualification legal experience. Five years’ experience in legal practice will be an added advantage. Demonstrable competence to act independently, professionally, responsibly and credibly. Good management skills. Manage, guide and train prosecutors. Competence to prosecute, guide investigations and give directions in reasonably complex or more difficult common law and statutory offences. Able to draft charge sheets and complex court documents. Ability to act independently without constant supervision. Must have good administrative skills.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Assist with the coordination of training and related duties in the NPS; provide strategic advice to the Coordinator for training, assist with the implementation of training initiatives in the NPS, mentor, train, advise and manage Aspiring Prosecutors. Institute and conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the State. Carry out any act related to them and fulfill the duties and functions
assigned to the prosecution under any Law and/or policy manual and/or directives. Case study files. Decide on the initiation and conduct of criminal proceedings. Address food and investigation matters in lower courts. Oversee the preparation of cases for court. Guide investigations. Consult with witnesses when appropriate. Oversee the writing of charge sheets or present the State’s case in court. Present evidence, question and Attend the court, among other things, the sentence and the sentence. Perform all duties, including administrative duties assigned by the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions – Training Sub-Unit and/or the Deputy National Director – NPS in accordance with the NPA code of conduct, policy and directives. Manage the performance of aspiring prosecutors. Guide and assist the trainers of Aspiring Prosecutors to achieve the strategic objectives of the NPA. Deal with representations and complaints. Promote partner integration, community engagement, and client satisfaction in conjunction with partners in the justice system.

INQUIRIES: Gija Maswanganyi Telephone number: 012 845 6944

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